Little but mighty like a Bee, beauty of a rose🐝

I said goodbye to a girl today, Bee. She has a blog too. But not only that, I’ve known her for nearly 10 years. She was my brother’s best friend in school. She influenced my sense of fashion greatly, she got me into fishnets, mesh. I started wearing winged eyeliner cause of her and … More Little but mighty like a Bee, beauty of a rose🐝


I think the hardest and most shocking realisation for so many women is the acceptance that there is a comfort in knowing they are not alone. And yet it’s terrifying to have the knowledge of just how unsafe the world we live in truly is. When it’s happened to you, you don’t want it to … More #MeToo

It gets better.

For years I’ve believed that life just throws shit at you till you can’t take it anymore and you just accept that that’s all it’s ever going to be. That people will use you again and again till they get from you what they want, and move on to the next person. That love doesn’t … More It gets better.

Honeymoon period: does it have to end?

Relationships? Possibly one of the most talked about, misunderstood, unknown topic of conversation in all generations. You can ask anyone what an ideal relationship between two people is and they can’t give you a single answer. That’s if they even give you an answer at all! In younger generations, say the 90’s babies, it would seem … More Honeymoon period: does it have to end?