Badges and Patches: Best buys of 2016.

One of my goals for this year is to buy more from smaller independent brands, and one of my favourite purchases from 2016 is forever these little guys. I brought a Harrington Jacket last year and wanted to customise it with patches and badges seeing as everyone and their dad has one. And as I’m a massive Etsy fan, I set to work searching for the best items I could find and came across these beauties! Best patches I’ve found so far, along with a cheeky badge I couldn’t say no to!


Dirty Instagram Selfie showing off my jacket.
I’m shameless for selfies, I won’t deny. These patches are so easy to put on, whip your iron out, have a little patience and before you know it, they are stuck firmly down. The hardest part is deciding where you want to put them.

What is Normal Patch – Life Club
A massive fan of ‘The Addams Family’, I had to have this patch. The quality is amazing and is more than worth the price. I ordered mine from Etsy but they also have a separate website  where you can order it and look at their other products. This one is currently sold out but I’m sure if you complain enough you’ll be able to get your hands on this one or something similar.

tired of earth. these people. patch..jpg
Tired of Earth Patch – Life Club
Constantly being frustrated at the human race and our stupidity at times, this patch fits perfectly on the corner of my jacket and lets everyone know how I’m feeling. It’s big enough to draw attention but doesn’t hit you in the face, and I can’t seem to decide which is my favourite out of the Life Club patches because I could quite easily buy them all.

hellbound heaven sent badges.jpg
Hellbound Enamel Pin – Life Club
I’m obsessed with everything Satan, devil and unholy related so I also threw in a cheeky pin. I ordered the ‘Hellbound’ pin and it fastens so tightly I don’t have to worry about losing it when I’m out. It also sits perfectly on the collar of my jacket and is such a subtle way of letting passers by know that I’m up to no good.

My other patches were just from online Etsy stores, and I just searched for topics which I love like ‘Feminist’ and ‘Girl Power’ etc. Definitely need to have another search and buy soon so I can add to my jacket. I don’t even have to worry about not being warm enough to wear it because the jacket is perfect for layering.

Going to try and blog regularly so keep checking back, new content at least once a week. If you want me to do a post on a certain subject or topic, message me on here or through my social media.

Much love x


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