Strong body, Stable mind: Gym Update

I’ve been at a bit of a stop from blogging because my head’s been such a mush and stressing and making me want to scream because there’s been so much going on and I’ve not been able to deal with it and get it out. However, the gym has been a life saver and I’ve been using it the past few months as a way to escape my head then focusing on making my body better and closer to my goal.

I took a body photo beginning of February so that every month or so I can compare and see the changes I’ve physically made and so when I can see the changes, I can be motivated to push and continue. I always want changes and improvements overnight so if I don’t see them I start to lose confidence in myself and feel like it’s pointless. Although in this case the gym has helped me stay calm and de-stress so much I’ve not been focusing all too much on the changes and more how I felt after I came out the gym, than before I entered it.


This was in the first day or two of Feb, I’ve been focusing mainly on cardio to up my overall fitness, and mainly my legs, butt area, with some abs. Those are the main areas I want to improve along with my tummy, and once I see a large improvement I’ll also add my arms and back into my goals. I want the booty to match the boobs! I want the long, toned, thick legs! Sadly, I won’t ever have long legs, but these little chicken legs will be chunky!

march 1st.jpg

This was beginning of March, I can definitely see my thighs are looking more toned and my tummy although not much bigger in size. I think noticing small changes has really helped boost my confidence that going to the gym is actually changing me, I feel like I loose motivation when I don’t see changes.

April 4th.jpg

This was taken a couple of days a go. My thighs are clearly chunkier. My hip to waist ratio is bigger. My tummy is more toned and overall my body has so much more shape. My legs look less chicken and my dungarees which were baggy are now tight to put on, few weeks and I might not even be able to wear them.

I can’t believe the difference of two months, considering I haven’t been particularly strict with myself. I’ve had a week and half out of gym within this time, and when I’ve gone it’s been irregular days depending on my mood and how comfortable I felt getting into the gym. But seeing the changes now definitely has me going every other day, and starting next week I’m aiming for every day! I’ve been eating so much more, and even diet I’ve not been strict with! WATER! I’ve been forcing loads more water down myself because I struggle to drink a lot throughout the day. My skins better and I have to pee constantly.

I want to see how toned I can get and how much booty before 29th April when I go to Cyprus with my other half. The race is on. The gym isn’t just vanity, it has kept me so calm and sane and helped me de-stress over the past few weeks and without that along with the support of bae, and my close friends I’d have really struggled to get through the past few months. I think people don’t realise what the gym can do for your mind, as well as your body.


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