Coconut Oil: The answer to everything

I’ve had some time away from blogging to work on myself, mentally and physically, and feel like it’s time to come back to the world of blogging. This is the longest blog I’ve kept working on and writing for. And honestly, I just want to share all my little fun tips and finds and update you on the less boring happenings that take place in my life.

Coconut Oil! One of the latest health trends and wonders of the planet. But does it actually work? And what can you use it for?

I’ve done a little research, nothing intensive just to get a greater understanding of what you can use it for and have tested it myself. And honestly, I just want to put coconut oil into every single area of my life.



Don’t bother spending a fortune on new hair products and hair masks that claim to give you a full head of thicker hair and revive it from split ends and heat damage. Coconut oil is amazing for hair. And you only need a tiny bit to go a long way. Shampoo your hair, condition it, and then cover it in coconut oil and leave over night wet. (Put a towel on your bed, or towel dry it so it doesn’t give you a soggy pillow.) Wash it in the morning and you’ll feel a difference. It makes it soft, gives back moisture, and seems to have fixed split ends from over bleaching and general damage from holiday – sea salt, chlorine etc. Having really thick curly hair, I’ve been leaving a tiny bit on my ends and styling as normal! And let me tell you, it works! Better than hair products, helps keep the frizz under control in the hot, moist weather, and keeps it soft and conditioned day to day. Don’t believe me? Go have a look online at before and after reviews. You won’t be disappointed!



I’ve spent so much money on different moisturisers, having sensitive skin that gets irritated easily especially after shaving, like my legs, or waxing means I have to be careful what creams and oils I put on my skin. Stupidly heard that coconut oil can be used for everything and because it’s natural I thought, why the hell not! Do it! Shave your legs boys and girls and cover them in coconut oil. Cover your entire body in it after a shower and let it lock in the moisture. It’s amazing! I’d never use anything else. It keeps skin on tattoos moisturised and gleaming when at times they can go dry, especially on legs from shaving. It seems to be keeping my skin clear, keeping it soft, and I actually really like the smell.


Food and Cooking:

This is a mixed area. Some health companies and fitness workers swear by using it in your cooking, especially the one calorie sprays, non centred coconut oils you can get along with a ton of others. Whereas more recent articles exist saying that it’s no better for you than other oils. I’m in no way an expert on healthy eating, I’m adamant an apple cancels out a cheesecake! However, it’s worth a look around to see what the internet says, and giving it a try. If you like the taste of coconut then you don’t need to spend hours searching for which supermarkets do the non-scented and taste kind. I’m pretty sure those are more expensive too but again, that depends if you want it as the creamy coconut oil that melts as it gets warmer (this is the kind I get) or if you want it as an actual oil. Personal preference.


Where to buy it from:

Most supermarkets sell it, however it can be quite pricey for a small tub of 200ml. If like me you cover your hair and body in it, and occasionally cook. You’re better finding a larger tub. It’s all the same sort if you go for the creamy coconut conditioner kind (I don’t know how to describe it, give me a break!) and my favourite for the amount, price is this 500ml tub from Morrisons for £1.98. A lot of other tubs from Morrisons and other supermarkets and shops seem to come in glass jars and are around £3.00 for only 200ml so this is a good find! They also have a link to the product on the Morrisons website for recipes and ideas on how to use it. How thoughtful of them!

KTC Coconut oil

KTC Coconut Oil Premium Quality

I found it in their hair section with a mixture of other products for afro-type hair. I’ve linked it above so you can easily find it. And if you don’t want to trail round just go find someone and tell them what you want! Easy! If you’re not sure about it or want to test it before buying this big tub, maybe get one of the smaller jar’s first but you’re probably to become obsessed and love it. It’s a great product! And it’s all natural so vegan’s out there, if you ain’t already using it, you’re welcome!


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